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Need clarity over your options, or simply looking for a second opinion from a divorce lawyer?

Rely on an experienced Singapore based family lawyer. Critical and difficult decisions need to be made when a relationship breaks down. The directions taken at these crossroads will have long-reaching implications for your family and any children. 

Reach out to us here for a consultation. Or read on for more about how we work with our clients.

filing for divorce?

As family law specialists, we will guide you through your difficult and challenging time. In applying the right mix of knowledge, empathy, and, compassion. Together, we will navigate the minefield of the complex family dynamics in your divorce that will allow you to redefine your life and move forward. Our family lawyers are experienced and care for your needs.

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We aim to provide a sensitive and yet authoritative approach through listening to you and providing you with expert and practical advice based on your individual circumstances to guide you through this difficult period of your life and to help you in moving forward during and after your divorce. 

Our practice will cover your needs in: 

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Annulment

  • Cross-Border Family conflict, Relocation, and Child Abduction

  • Children Disputes

  • Financial Disputes & Property Settlement

  • Domestic Violence

  • Mental Capacity & Deputyship

  • Adoption

​"In short, you can entrust your case with Mrs Shone. Mrs Shone has handled my case with distinct and insightful viewpoint. She set out strategy based on my personal situation, and she delivered the result effectively. Trust me, lawyers' quality may not tie to Internet search rank. You can trust Mrs Shone with your case, if you are so lucky to have spotted her. I am glad that I found Mrs Shone to represent me."


- Jason Chan

Meet Aye Cheng


Aye Cheng, founder of A C Shone & Co

Aye Cheng was called to the English Bar on 29 July 1993 admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore on 28 May 1994 and on 15 March 2002, admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales. Aye Cheng is also appointed by the Singapore Academy of Law as a Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Public. She is an Accredited Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre (“SMC”), on the Family Law Panel of Mediators with the SMC and also a Collaborative Practice Lawyer and Parenting Coordinator.

talk to us

Every case is different, and so is your personal situation. 

Share with us your challenges, what you've been facing and discuss your intentions with us. Our family lawyers are experienced in taking care of your best interests. 

weigh the options

During the consultation, you will receive alternative options to weigh out accordingly. Given your own constraints in time or effort, decide or come back to us to continue a discussion on the best way forward. We are sure to accommodate to your level of urgency.


let us do the work for you

Throughout the process, our lawyers and their teams will handhold you through the any obstacles and explain in detail what your next steps are. 


rely on expert & practical advice

With over 25 years of experience in the legal industry, we understand the importance of preserving confidentiality and exercising discretion at all times and in providing a professional and yet personal approach in the work that clients have entrusted us. All matters are managed competently and efficiently.

Divorce lawyer fees in Singapore can vary greatly. Reach out to us for a consultation.

for peace of mind

All matters are handled with discretion and confidentiality. Having seen many different case scenarios, AC Shone will deliver you the best outcome possible, as your family attorney.

"I need a lawyer who makes me feel safe and comfortable through painful episodes in court. Aye Cheng was very supportive and helpful towards me and my witnesses, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer."


- Liyana Musfirah

"A C Shone & Co gives me the right guidance when I need it most. Grateful for Aye Cheng’s speedy, professional and reliable assistance in getting my will and those of my family and friends, drawn-up. Also delighted with the worry-free Conveyance services rendered over the years. Personalised attention and guidance from A C Shone & Co is a great resource to have."

- Joshua Royston Sim

“I am very appreciative of Aye Cheng’s passion, dedication and immense experience in the legal profession.  She is firm in pursuing her client’s interests and achieving a favourable outcome. I am indeed overwhelmed with the court judgement. My sincere thanks to Aye Cheng for the excellent work!


- Daniel Loo

mutual consent divorce or uncontested divorce.
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