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AC Shone was highly recommended to me when I was seeking another Singapore Divorce lawyer to represent me in a variation contesting for full Care and Control. Aye Cheng is patient, empathetic and practices therapeutic family law. She ensured that the interest of my child was the primary consideration and managed to organize my thoughts process concisely and precisely into my affidavit. Thank you, Aye Cheng and Natasha, for the emotional and professional support. Especially to Aye Cheng, I could not have walked this journey without you. You have been more than just a professional, and my son and myself are truly blessed that our paths have crossed during this difficult time.

- Jonathan Yap

Aye Cheng, words cannot express how grateful I am that you are my lawyer. What you do for wives like me is beyond incredible. You are our voice when we have none in the legal system and our armour in what is surely the battle of our lives. Thank you so so much for being my lawyer and for that beyond awesome Written Submissions which encapsulates everything I've struggled with and wanted to say but was too aghast to after his barrage of heinous lies and duplicitous acts."

- Lesley Chan

"I need a lawyer who makes me feel safe and comfortable through painful episodes in court. Aye Cheng was very supportive and helpful towards me and my witnesses, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer."


- Liyana Musfirah


"With Aye Cheng’s wealth of knowledge and experience in Family Law, we entrust her with all the legal matters of our case. It sets our minds at ease that she is in charge of our case. I am very grateful for her professionalism in this matter. Thank you!"

- Jade Koh

"Aye Cheng is down to earth yet fun to be with. She's also open minded, relaxed about life, and also makes a sardonical approach towards it. Her services as a lawyer: Personable, Diplomatic yet honest and straight to the point when needed to be your clients. She's also very patient to listen to clients talk about their marriage life before letting them decide what route they want to pursue in terms of divorce or not. She would sit back and relax, listen, and not rush the client."


- Wen Sim

"A C Shone & Co gives me the right guidance when I need it most. Grateful for Aye Cheng’s speedy, professional and reliable assistance in getting my will and those of my family and friends, drawn-up. Also delighted with the worry-free Conveyance services rendered over the years. Personalised attention and guidance from A C Shone & Co is a great resource to have."

- Joshua Royston Sim

"When you're faced with one of the most stressful times of your life, these are the times which you will need all the help and support you can get. Aye Cheng is experienced, professional and she is always willing to go the distance for you. She is also understanding and sympathetic of your concerns, making it comfortable for you to share your fears and worries. In these difficult times, it is always good to know she is there and that you have a fighter by your side."


- Paul Tan

"I am recommending Aye Cheng with full and unequivocal confidence based on my personal experience in her ability to secure the outcome I sought. Aye Cheng approached my case with a measure of balance and precision that I had never anticipated. Her sense of situational assessment is second to none; punctuated by the favourable conclusion that I, alone, could only have hoped for. Thank you Aye Cheng for your guidance and patience."


 - Timothy Lau

"In short, you can entrust your case with Mrs Shone. Mrs Shone has handled my case with distinct and insightful viewpoint. She set out strategy based on my personal situation, and she delivered the result effectively. Trust me, lawyers' quality may not tie to Internet search rank. You can trust Mrs Shone with your case, if you are so lucky to have spotted her. I am glad that I found Mrs Shone to represent me."


- Jason Chan

“I am very appreciative of Aye Cheng’s passion, dedication and immense experience in the legal profession.  She is firm in pursuing her client’s interests and achieving a favourable outcome. I am indeed overwhelmed with the court judgement. My sincere thanks to Aye Cheng for the excellent work!


- Daniel Loo

"Thank you for charging me as per quoted earlier. Yes you have not charged GST and thank you very much for not charging GST. This makes you different from other solicitors I have come into contact with. Your professionalism and personality are also reasons why I have decided to engage your service."

- Hsiao Ling

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