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The making and drafting of a will is a complex process that requires thorough thought processes, not just in identifying whom you want to leave your assets and what assets to, but also in identifying that trusted person(s) to administer your estate, as the administration of an estate is an onerous task and could be complex if the estate is huge. Your appointed executor(s) must be one who is prepared to take on such a task.


We will listen to you, help you think through your wishes and wants and then ensure that you have an ironclad lasting will and testament that will stand the test of time with your wishes carried out after your death.

After your death, we are also able to assist your appointed executors, or, if you did not leave behind a will, your next-of-kin, called administrators to file the application in Court for a Grant of Probate, or, a Grant of Letters of Administration respectively and to render advice to them in the management of the estate so as to avoid personal liabilities or make mistakes.

As our legal practice deals with international work, we also assist overseas clients in their resealing or application of Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in Singapore.


Where money is involved, disputes and conflicts often arise. We are also experienced in contested probate litigation where they could become highly emotive given myriad of highly complex family dynamics.

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