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Civility & Professionalism

2019 marks the 10th year anniversary of A C Shone & Co.

When Grace and I went our separate ways, I started A C Shone & Co on 20 February 2009. I continued practicing family/matrimonial law, dealing with all aspects in the area surrounding the family. In dealing with often complicated and emotional conflicts, the challenge to me is the ability to understand things from the client’s perspective, and, at the same time, be clear-headed to help the client to see the forest for the trees. What guides me through each case is my strong belief in the importance of helping the client to move forward with his/her life.


To this end, I found that forging connections with clients and forming the camaraderie never fails to cheer me up. I enjoy helping clients see that their mundane tasks at home are of value and beauty and that each of every one of them are the threads that weave the family and vis-à-vis the society together.

Aye Cheng Shone

Growing up, I always enjoyed reading and writing. When I was in Junior College, I had decided that going into journalism was my natural calling. Perspective changed in the final year of junior college and I went to University reading law instead. At University, I found that I enjoyed studying law. It showed me that in any given situation, there are always two sides to a coin and that there are more than a million shades of grey in between the black and white.


I started my legal career as a civil litigator for eight years, thrown into a world of legal disputes, lawsuits and Court trials. After taking a break to have my son, I returned to the legal field with renewed interest, starting a law firm with my friend Grace. As a newly set up law firm, I took on pro bono work with the Legal Aid Bureau and the Family Service Centre, dealing with family-related work. While civil litigation had taught me to look beneath the hard stand people take for what matters the most to them, my hiatus had allowed me to take on a different perspective to life and become more attuned to the needs of parents, children and family lives around me.

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